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In 1863, Rev. Septimus Jones, then curate of St. Thomas Church led a group of people across the Moira River who wished to form a new Anglican church which would be more democratic and open to the needs of its peoples. This strong appeal towards social equality and contributions by the parishioners has been a rich part of Christ Church throughout our 150 year history. The opening and dedication of Christ Church Anglican took place January 1, 1865 in a modest structure at 30 West Moira Street. It was the first church in Belleville to abandon the practice of renting pews and maintained free sittings for everyone. In 1878, Rev. W.C. Clarke became the new rector and the church flourished during his 3 year tenure. On April 25, 1881 fire broke out and the original church burned to the ground. The cornerstone for the new church was laid on October 4, 1881 by the Grand Lodge of the Masonic Order. This was the beginning of our Christ Church building where we worship today. This church was formally dedicated on Easter Sunday, April 9, 1882. By 1887, Rev. Samuel Dawe was rector.  The congregation continued to grow and the choir was now wearing surplices. By 1901, new furnaces were installed, completing the conversion from wood to coal. In 1905, Rev. R.C. Blagrave became rector and during his stay, the membership doubled, necessitating the building of the church hall in 1910 in order to accommodate the very large Sunday School enrollment.  Canon Blagrave was succeeded by other rectors such as Rev. W.C. Swayne, during whose term the rectory was acquired. There was further growth of the Sunday School when Rev. C.E. Clarke was here. He was followed by Rev. G.G. Wright and Rev. J.C. Sparling. Canon J. B. Creegan was rector (and later Bishop) between 1950 and 1962. During this time the new church hall was built, the organ case and console refurbished and rebuilt and a new lighting system was installed. Both the rectory and church underwent major repairs and new front steps replaced the old wooden ones. The Memorial Board was started and the furnace was converted from coal to oil. The men and boys' choir under the direction of Mr. John Withers was considered one of the foremost choirs in the Diocese of Ontario. 

When Canon R.B. Deblois Wright arrived in 1964, the St. George's Mission on the corner of Station Street and Cannifton Road, had been a part of Christ Church for a long time. It was sold with the proceeds used to support the needs of Christ Church. In June 1988, Canon Wright was succeeded by Archdeacon John R. Neal. In 1989, as the parish looked forward to its 125th Anniversary, the outdoor restoration was complete. At this time, Christ Church had 260 families. The rectory on Everett Street was sold at the end of John Neal's tenure. Archdeacon Karen Dukes was our rector from 1999 to May 2004. Age and moisture had worked its way into ceiling and   plaster walls requiring repairs. Sunday Services were held in the large parish hall during this time. On April 6, 2003 the nave was officially reopened and there was a special dedication of the renovated entrance now called the Jack Fletcher Lounge in his memory as he was a long time member and often assisted in the ministry of the church. On Sunday, September 26, 2004 Rev. Michael Oulton was inducted as our new rector. Under his leadership we enjoyed renewed spiritual growth. Rev. Oulton was elected as Bishop of the Diocese of Ontario on February 11, 2011 and left Christ Church in May, 2011. The Rev. Michael Rice moved from Newfoundland, along with his talented wife Hilary, to become our present rector in March of 2012.  

We have been fortunate enough to have had many curates and associate ministers over the years who have added to the spiritual life of our church. We have also been extremely fortunate to have Alex Pierson as our dedicated organist and choir director for over 25 years.