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We are a Christian Community nurtured by the grace of Jesus Christ, and strengthened by prayer and the sacraments. Witnessing to Christ's love, we are united in our desire to serve others with compassion, respect and understanding.
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Our Mission & Vision

At Christ Church, our mission is to love our neighbour as ourselves and to serve the community in which we stand.

At Christ Church Belleville, our goal is to continue to deepen our bonds within the family of the parish and in our wider community, so that our worship speaks of the authenticity of our work and mission as an Anglican Parish. That we continue to grow and learn together and to support one another in the household of faith, through study, worship and praying together is the foundation of our purpose and journey.


As we continue to care for one another pastorally, we pray that we continue to be guided by the Holy Spirit in truth and justice and that we may continue to receive God’s Grace in who we seek to be for one another and those who look for a spiritual home and community.

Mission & Purpose

Christ Church Belleville has always held a strong sense and call to social justice and equity for all. As Jesus proclaimed in the temple at the beginning of his ministry … from Luke 4:18, ‘The spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight to the blind, to set the oppressed free….’  a high calling, but both a mandate and invitation to be a community who love our neighbour as we love ourselves, openly, unconditionally understanding that every person is a loved child of God. 

We enjoy a strong and traditional liturgical life through the worship and traditions of the Anglican Church and Prayer book and we love to sing and laugh.

We welcome everyone who comes through our doors, inclusive of need, race or sexuality. All have a place in the household of faith.  

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We are here to serve God and one another in community. We do this by being a people of faith, working together to enrich each other’s lives through gathering, worship, celebration, prayer, listening, pastoral care, building authentic relationship.

Becoming a Member

The Church by the River
Christ Church Anglican is a member church of the Anglican Diocese of Ontario, part of the National Anglican Church of Canada and the World Wide Anglican Communion.

Pastoral Care

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Our Beliefs & Values 


…lies at the heart of what we seek to become and what we actively build. Rich, diverse, loving, prayerful and thoughtful, including everyone who comes through our doors.

Person to person…pastoral care

…at the heart of good ministry is our ability to sit with you and one another as we are committed to care. Our response to the needs of our community of faith speaks of our integrity of good relationship.


…every person has a right to the dignity of being listened to and heard. Otherwise how do we find healing and reconciliation 


…we are a diverse and inclusive community and welcome everyone who desires to come to Christ Church.  We are committed to the celebration of life and of course our LGBTQ+ community have a home here. 

Sacramental life

…the whole of life is sacramental if we believe in the incarnation of God in the person Jesus Christ. We express this through two main sacraments of Baptism and Eucharist.


…each of us has a voice and we are here to listen and to tell our story and to listen to others.


…we have a gospel to proclaim, good news for all throughout all the world. This is what we believe and strive to teach.


…Silence, meditation, prayerfulness, listening for the voice of God, as community and individuals, responding to an expectant and needy world 


…stepping out into the community to ‘love and serve our neighbour’ is our calling as a community of faith. Service to others without judgement, generously and with kindness.

Prophetic exemplary life

…being what we are called to be…a voice in the wilderness, upholding the poor and the oppressed, feeding the hungry and homeless. Not being frightened to speak out against injustice and inequity. That all that we believe and value maybe be seen not just in words and presence but in action as well. 

In Christ... life given...life restored...life shared.


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