The abundance of God’s gratuitous love…filled to the brim…

The miracle is not important, but the sign that reminds us of the generous abundance won for us of God’s salvation in Jesus Christ. Mary knew…”Do whatever he tells you”.

Jesus says “My hour has not yet come”…

Johns gospel takes the notion of miracles and turns them into signs to tell us of the promises of God met in the person of Jesus Christ and fulfillment of God’s promise of salvation…jars set aside for purification are filled to the brim with water, and as the stewards serve from the jars, “the water that has become wine”, and the very best of wine says the chief steward, we begin to see something of the abundance and generosity, the quality and fullness of what is promised to us now and in the end times.

Who is the bridegroom? And who are guests who have gathered and become the recipients at this first act/sign in the ministry of Jesus? This is for us a great invitation to enter into the celebration and the mystery of the word becoming flesh and revealing God’s grace and truth to us amidst the signs Jesus gives us as he reveals God’s grace and mercy to an expectant and longing people.

Abundant goodness and grace upon grace, using the tools of the old customs and ways of his people and fashioning them into new and living ways for us. A revealing of Jesus’ glory as God’s son through whom salvation enters the world, a new beginning, and new creation.

Watching and waiting had become the habit of God’s people. Falling along the wayside, impatient, the promises of God seemingly alluding the people of Israel. What seems a frivolous miracle becomes a sign of ultimate generosity of God, and the restoration of hope and life itself. “I came, that you might have life, and have it in ubundance.”

The salvation that has been won for us lays dormant until we focus on the signs and love of Jesus in a troubled and expectant world, and put aside the things we choose to weigh us down and take up the invitation and the opportunity to say yes to that which will transform our lives and bring life to others.

Jesus brings us new hope in the abundant generosity of refreshment to all who attend the great feast. The best until last and more than we can ever possibly want or need.
Come to the feast and drink of the wine prepared for you, and I will give you life.