A few months into our Talent Scheme and we are beginning to see positive results. Members of the parish are being creative and thoughtful in their offerings and projects and some have taken the name of the Parish out into the wider community and their work place.

We kicked off mid July and delivered 120 invitations to participate. We only received a few returns and some who felt unable to participate returned their $5 with a donation.  One parishioner who had been out of contact for a few years was thrilled to be contacted and took his talent to the work place where he talked to the staff about the ministry and work of the parish. He offered us back $250. Another member of the parish, unable to do an activity, decided to increase her giving by $5 per week, a significant gift over time. Richard Bly is making pet blankets for $15 to order. Shirley Grills and her team are making various pies and chilli sauces and jam, prices on asking. Fr. Jeff is making Christmas puddings to order at $25 per pudding (feeds 8-10). Kate Lewis Smith and Marilyn Willman and family are doing a bottle drive. CCC are making frozen roast dinners for $10. See Lloyd. Rob Preston is driving people to where they need to go. Shirley Dewy is making Fudge. Jan Lewis is making greeting cards. More to come.

There is still plenty of time as we begin the big lead up to Christmas and remember if your wondering what to do don’t hesitate to ask for a brain storm. We are well over $2000 in returns on a $555 outlay.
Imagine how much more we can do!

The potential to tell our story to a wider community in this offering can be life giving to others. Get out there and have some fun.

Fr. Jeff and team.