Dear family in Christ,

It seems a while since my last pastoral letter and much has happened over the last month, so it’s time for a catch-up.

Let me begin by expressing my and Terry’s, and the boys gratitude for your loving support and kindness during the lead up to, and the day of our wedding. It was a joyous, happy day, and to be surrounded with such love and good friends meant so much to us. To have some family and friends from Australia was an added bonus and they remarked on the sense of loving care shown to us by all of you. Special.

The church has now been open again for worship and fellowship since the beginning of March and we have at long last achieved a full Lenten, Easter to Pentecost season and are now in the midst of the Sundays after Pentecost. Attendances have been excellent, and with the reinstatement of the sacraments in both kinds at communion and morning coffee following the service, life has begun to show some sense of normalcy and promise. It is heartening to see how many stay for morning coffee after the service, and that little reminder, fellowship is an integral part of our worshipping and sacramental lives together.

Carol Feeny, our new Admin assistant is settling in well to the position and brings with her a wealth of knowledge, expertise and connections to the wider community. We need at our end, not to create any conflicts of interest for her, and to that end, we would appreciate that requests be made through the wardens or myself so that we don’t compromise Carol’s integrity.

Adam, our new custodian is doing a great job and settling in well, and I thank you for all your kindnesses to him as he settles in.

St. Paul’s Roslin, our new partners in faith, is going well and has been reasonably busy. Over the 2 centres, we have been involved in quite a catch up with the internment of ashes, delayed because of Covid, and through recent deaths. The opportunity to remember loved ones and celebrate life’s journey and experience some closure is such an important pastoral response in our daily ministry, and it is an honour to stand with any family as they say goodbye to the mortal remains of a loved one, and to be able to assure families of the knowledge of their loved ones continued spirit in their lives.

Given summer time, we have reduced our Sunday services at Roslin to the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month until September. Christ Church, 10am every Sunday morning and midday prayers at 12noon Tuesday’s and BCP Eucharist on Wednesdays at 10am. All of you are welcome at any of these services at their respective centre.

We will be holding our Children’s Summer Program ‘Finding God in the City’, this August for 3 days, from Tuesday 16th to Thursday 18th. All children are welcome and if you have time to volunteer your support in any way, it would be much appreciated.

It has been good to welcome into our midst, a long running LGBTQIA’s support group, ‘Shout Out Loud’ who meet at Christ Church every Tuesday night. Terry, Richard and I had the privilege of spending the evening with them last Tuesday and spending time in talking about faith and the church, and their having a tour of our worship space. It is, I believe, a significant pastoral outreach for us, to them, and I believe over time, they will teach us much about their journeys and the sensitivities around acceptance and relationship which they so richly deserve. It is good that they feel comfortable and safe in our space, our home, God’s house, and I’m glad that they have found a home with us.

With the departure of Glen Thompson, our organist of these past two years, we have advertised the position of director of music, with the expectation, that the fine musical tradition, so well established over the last decades is maintained and strengthened, and that in time, God willing, a choir will occupy the ‘choir stalls’ once more. From this week on, Alex Pierson returns as our locum organist until we appoint a permanent director.

In all things, continue to pray and offer thanksgiving for God’s continued mercies to us in the household of faith and in our homes and with our families. Enjoy the warmth and brightness of summer and please be assured of our continued prayers and support in these days.

With every blessing from our house to yours.
Love. Fr. Jeff and team.