Good day! This is your invitation and guide to participate in this important Parish fundraising and relationship building activity.

 Matthew 25:14-30. The Parable of the talents.

A parable is a story to illustrate a moral or spiritual lesson. Jesus used parables to speak of the kingdom of heaven and our place in the kingdom, here and now.
A ‘talent’ was a valuable sum, as we are valuable and talented too. The gospel imperative is that we give of and increase our talent as our part in the bringing of the kingdom on earth on our greater journey towards the kingdom of heaven.

                                                             ‘Parish Talent Scheme’.
The purpose of the ‘Talent Scheme’ is to encourage active social outreach for all members of the parish and to raise funds for our ongoing ministry and programs.

We invite you to identify your individual talent or gift and to find a way to offer your gift to raise funds and to share fellowship with your neighbour, amongst members of our parish or in your neighbourhood.

Our invitation to you is an affirmation and encouragement to offer your talent or gift in Christian service to others as a greater invitation as the church to others.

Enclosed is a $5 dollar note as an encouragement to increase the ‘Talent’ you have been given.

On the reverse side of this invitation is a suggested list of the sorts of activities, projects you might be able to do. This is not a finite list and there may be other ideas you might have which you could share with us.
You might also think of joining with others to create a team to achieve your goal.

We are keen to hear from you, with ideas and questions or request for any assistance. So don’t hesitate. Please let us know what you decide to do.

You can begin your quest on receipt of this letter and we are happy to generate news and stories as you go via a ‘Talent Scheme News Flash’ from time to time. Every contribution matters and none more worthy than another.
The ‘Talent Scheme’ will run from July 5th to the end of October.

Happy Talent Scheming

Fr. Jeff

Wardens Lloyd and Kate